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Sagittarius Year Ahead 2024

Oscar Cainer

sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2024 is a big year for Sagittarians. The overarching celestial constellation, represented by a centaur with a bow, (a Celestial Archer), is your first clue to the positivity of its prospects! But The Archer isn't the only influence at play. It's in April, as Jupiter, your ruler, meets with Uranus, that you'll feel your life shifting in electrifying ways.

Although you're capable of tremendous optimism and positivity, you sometimes lack the freedom to explore these qualities. In 2023 your ability to express yourself was hampered by increased pressure and ever-creeping responsibilities. April's Jupiter/Uranus convergence encourages you to do things differently. It's about recognising where your efforts are getting you nowhere fast, and choosing new, exciting options that offer more inspiring ways forwards, whilst still honouring your commitments.

As Jupiter moves into your opposite sign (May) your determination to lead a more congruent life wins you admiration that helps take your relationships to a higher level. 'You doing you' without apology is the best (only) way to foster meaningful relationships - and you'll find that you're doing just that.

To be true to yourself you need the freedom to evolve and change. By accepting that you're on a journey and that your companions are partners on your travels, your enthusiasm for what life (and love) have to offer will be rebooted - and you'll find the support and inspiration to take steps on the road that leads to the success you've dreamed of, which always felt tantalisingly out of reach.

Jupiter's alignment with Saturn (August) challenges you to turn theory into practice. Quantifiable progress is possible. Your ruler's activities, plus the influence of The Archer, empower you to meet any tests with confidence. In 2024, you're no longer limited by other people's expectations. It's your ability to do the unexpected that leads to a future that fulfils and inspires you.

So, the Solstice is upon us, a time when the Sun 'stands still' for three days, rising and setting in the same precise spots. This phenomenon held deep significance for the ancients, and it's a moment we too can appreciate and reflect upon. Would you like to delve into these mysteries? (SPECIAL OFFER ENDS TODAY)









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