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Your Zodiac Sign, the Truth - Virgo

by Jonathan Cainer

virgo Zodiac Sign

The Myth:
Prim, proper and pedantic. Fussy and fastidious. Organised and ordered. These are the words that they use when describing those born under this sign. Virgos are, say the so-called experts, obsessed with detail. They are list-makers and line-drawers, i dotters and t crossers, law abiding, protocol following readers of small print.
The Truth:
Oh no they're not. First of all, the goddess that governs Virgo is not a symbol of celibacy but a figure of fecundity. She is Ceres; the harvest queen who stands for all that is voluptuous and abundant. Virgo is a sensual sign and Virgos are pleasure-loving people. They like to live life to the full and they also like to do things to the very best of their ability. It is from this that their reputation for having high standards has come. They can be picky, it's true but only about things that matter to them. And as for being terribly tidy well, some may be but most are just happy enough to know where things are. To a Virgo, tidiness is a psychological state not a physical one.
The Key To Success:
All zodiac signs are, of course, created equal. An astrologer cannot possibly say that some are better than others to belong to. But, er... well look, if you're quite sure nobody else is reading this, Virgo is a very special sign. There's absolutely nothing you need to alter in order to be successful in life - other, perhaps, than your tendency to be a little too self critical at times.
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