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New Moon in Taurus
Wed, 8th May

by Jemima Cainer

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The New Moon in Taurus, which occurs in the early hours of the morning on the 8th May 2024 is incredibly powerful. When we look at the chart, we see immediately that there is an intense focus of all the energy across one side. This superfocus spans from Pisces to Taurus, with a little sprinkling of Aquarian Energy from Pluto which is now retrograde in that sign. The New Moon is at 18 degrees of Taurus. Uranus and Jupiter, are now beginning to separate from their recent conjunction but they are still only 3 degrees apart, and in orb of conjunction with this New Moon. The energy of these four bodies, the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus all in conjunction is a powerful force. This indicates a massive portal for change and a moment to truly recognise transformational energy within your own life.

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