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Use the Moon in your life.

by Jemima Cainer
Wed, 8th May

Performing a Full Moon Release Ceremony Inspired by Your Zodiac Sign

Full Moons have been known to hold a potent energy since the dawn of civilization. Each month, the Full Moon offers us a moment to look up, to be in awe of the power of the universe and to be inspired by the wisdom of the cosmos.

Full Moons symbolise the culmination of intentions set at the New Moon as well as a point for celebration and release. I am excited to share with you a framework for creating your own Full Moon release ceremony, guided by your star sign.

Connecting to Lunar rhythms allows you to harness the power of the cosmos and manifest your will into being. Performing a Full Moon release ceremony can deepen your connection to the lunar energy and facilitate profound personal transformation.

Whether through physical activity, creative expression, or introspective meditation, you can use the unique qualities of your star sign to amplify the power of your intentions and release what no longer serves your highest good.

By aligning with the cosmic rhythms of the Full Moon, you can harness its potent energy to manifest your dreams and create positive changes in your life. Designing a ritual for yourself can amplify your intentions and raise your conscious vibration.

Check out my suggestions on how you can do this according to your sign:


Fiery and ambitious Aries, ruled by Mars, thrives on action and forward momentum. For your Full Moon release ceremony, channel your energy into physical activity. You don't have to become an overnight MMA fighter or athlete in order to connect to your body though! Pushing yourself to do what feels right for you could be engaging in a high-intensity workout or a brisk outdoor walk. The important thing is that it gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, allowing you to attune your soul with your physical self. As the Full Moon rises, visualise releasing any pent-up frustrations or obstacles blocking your path to success. Write down these barriers on a piece of paper, then ceremoniously burn it and focus your mind on your willingness to let go and make space for new beginnings.


Grounded and sensual Taurus, ruled by Venus, finds solace in nature and sensory indulgence. Create a serene atmosphere for your Full Moon release ceremony by surrounding yourself with candles, crystals, and soft fabrics, or, if that's not your style, with minimalistic luxe beige blankets. Make your space as beautiful as you can to allow yourself to truly let go of any worries or frustration. If you can, take a bath or a shower which smells wonderful. Allow the feeling of water to flow over your body and reflect on any attachments or habits that no longer serve your highest good. Ideally, then write these down and release them into the water, allowing the Full Moon's energy to wash them away.


Curious and adaptable Gemini, ruled by Mercury, thrives on communication and intellectual stimulation. Harness your mercurial energy for your Full Moon release ceremony by practising some writing. You don't have to craft a novel, but taking pen to paper will support the process for you and connect your mind to your emotional centre. Begin by making a list of thoughts, beliefs, or ideas that are holding you back. Then, try to craft affirmations or mantras that empower you to release these limitations and reframe them positively. During the Full Moon, recite these affirmations aloud, or whisper them quietly, depending on how the mood takes you, or how self-conscious you are! The lunar energy of a Full Moon will amplify their potency and facilitate the release of any self-doubt holding you back from your potential.


Emotional and nurturing Cancer, your sign is ruled by the Moon itself. It is no wonder then that you deeply value security and a sense of real emotional connection. Create a cosy sanctuary for your Full Moon release ceremony, adorned with sentimental objects. Find a source of water to align yourself with, ideally the sea, but if that is not practical even a bath or tub to soak your toes in would do. Start by connecting with your emotions through meditation or by releasing tension in your shoulders through stretching. As you centre yourself, reflect on any emotional patterns or attachments that are weighing you down. Visualise these being in your hands and gently put them into the water, symbolising your commitment to emotional liberation and to allowing yourself to let go of anything you no longer need to carry.


Bold and charismatic Leo, ruled by the Sun, radiates confidence and creativity. Connect with your desire to shine and celebrate your inner spotlight for your Full Moon release ceremony by crafting a vision board or getting creative and making art for art's sake. Gather images and words that represent your desires and aspirations or which make you feel happy when you see them. As you arrange them, identify any self-limiting beliefs or ego-driven patterns that may be hindering your progress. Lay your creation or vision board under the light of the Full Moon, allowing its energy to infuse your intentions with vitality and reinspire you to be courageous.


Analytical and detail-oriented Virgo, ruled by Mercury, excels in organisation and practical thinking. Virgo energy is helpful, and loves to make a plan. Utilise your discerning nature for your Full Moon release ceremony by conducting a thorough decluttering ritual. Begin by purging your physical space of any unnecessary clutter and use a smudge or incense stick to cleanse stagnant energy. As you tidy, reflect on any habits or thought patterns that no longer align with your highest values. Most importantly, take a moment to consciously choose to forgive yourself for anything you feel you have fallen short of and allow yourself to do something which forces you to truly, and properly, relax!


Harmonious and diplomatic Libra, ruled by Venus, values balance and beauty in all aspects of life. For your Full Moon release ceremony, focus on restoring harmony within yourself. When you feel good, you inspire cooperation and love to bloom all around you but you often end up carrying around other people's baggage and the Full Moon is a great time to choose what to put down. Begin by practising a guided meditation which focuses on self-compassion, or make time to write a letter to somebody who you feel understands you. This is the time to release any lingering resentments or conflicts and penning a letter in two parts, one detailing all you wish to release and another part to make a list of what you have to be grateful for will focus you. Lighting a pink candle will help you connect with your ruling planet and bring calm and balance into your world.


Intense and transformative Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, delves deep into the shadows to uncover hidden truths and facilitate profound change. The intensity that the rest of us feel at the Full Moon is more like a baseline for you! Full Moons are wonderful for releasing and letting go of toxicity and negative thought patterns. For your ceremony you could start writing a secret Full Moon diary, detailing your innermost thoughts and letting go of anything you no longer need to carry. If writing is not your thing try out other creative mediums like paint or drawing and let your subconscious come to the surface. Writing down anything you wish to let go of and burning it safely will allow you to symbolically let go and make room for the Full Moon to bring moments for celebrating into your life. From ashes, new possibilities can be created.


Adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, seeks expansion and enlightenment through exploration and freedom. The excitement of a Full Moon can be utilised for your release ceremony and spark a journey inwards to learn more about who you really are and where you wish to go. Lean into your philosophical nature and read something which inspires you and sparks your creative thoughts, or make time to be spontaneous and see where the road, and the bright light of a full Moon takes you. Full Moons are swollen with possibility and you can use this energy to make a powerful wish for where in life you really want to fly. Light a candle or a have a fire (safely!) and let the light of the flames take your wish to the cosmos to be fulfilled.


Ambitious and disciplined Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, values hard work and integrity in pursuit of success. Harness the structured energy of the Full Moon for your release ceremony by creating a strategic action plan for letting go of old habits or beliefs. Set clear and achievable goals for yourself, breaking them down into manageable steps which, one by one, build themselves into a pyramid of success and fulfilled potential. A Full Moon illuminates just how far you have come, use the moon's light to connect to the physical Earth, your ruling element, and take yourself on a walk to somewhere which gives you a better view. If you can make time to physically change your perspective you will calm your mind and empower your manifestation ability. With each step you take feel the Earth lending you its energy and make a conscious promise to let go of anything you have taken responsibility for which is not yours to carry.


Innovative and visionary Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, thrives on unconventional thinking and social change. That Uranian energy gives you a revolutionary spirit. Create a Full Moon release ceremony by organising a group candle ceremony with like-minded individuals and using your influence to encourage wider connection. Each person attending brings a candle and, as you share your intentions for release with the group you invite support and encouragement for you to reach higher ground. As you state what you are letting go of, blow out the candle letting your breath release it for you. As you witness others releasing their own limitations, feel the ripple effect of liberation spreading through the collective consciousness and allow the energy of friendship to reinspire you. Conclude the ceremony by visualising the changes you want to see in your world, anchoring the collective intention for positive transformation.


Intuitive and empathic Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is deeply attuned to the spiritual realms and the power of imagination. Embrace the dreamy energy of the Full Moon for your release ceremony by connecting with your intuition through meditation or creative visualisation. Journeying inwards to explore the depths of your subconscious mind doesn't need to take all night but make sure you leave space around the ceremony so that you do not feel rushed by the drama of a ticking clock. As you uncover any subconscious patterns or attachments, and notice what bubbles to the surface when you find a quiet space for yourself, imagine surrendering them to the healing waters of Neptune's ocean, which glistens in the light of the Full Moon, trusting in the process of divine release and renewal.

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